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TriStar Development & Management Group


Construction & Development in Central FL

Owner Representation

Construction becomes complicated when there are disputes regarding property lines, back taxes, and other liability. But when you have our team on your side, you can rest easy knowing you have experienced management services representing you with your best interest with any type of project. We represent clients that are out of the country and have their assets in the states. Both vacant land and properties.

Property Management

Most construction firms are only concerned with the initial building phase. However, we offer property management services as well as, helping you to protect your investments with a full range of maintenance solutions.

Foreign Representation

The Central Florida market is diverse, with many international investors. You deserve a local management team who can assist you with local laws and policies, development feasibility, budgeting, staying on track, and protecting you from liability concerns as far as making you aware of potential concerns. However we encourage our clients to have an attorney to guide them through any legal and liability matters.

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What People Say

Andrea Sell

Sell & Associates

It has been my distinct pleasure to have spent many years working with Sunia Piermont.  She has the talent and focus to complete all projects to the client's satisfaction. Sunia's credentials and experience will be of major value to her customers. She also is the perfect example of a true professional who cares about her work and is up to any task or project.  I highly recommend Sunia for any construction, project management and/or consulting position.  Feel free to contact me for any further clarification.


Matthew Lane

Blenheim Consulting LLC – Fairhomes LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Capri Contractors between 2015 and 2017. They completed new build projects as well as major remodeling and additions. The work was always punctual, accurate and better than expected. Conflict resolution was effectuated in a measured and responsible way with collaboration in all aspects.

In my role as asset manager for a foreign housing fund I interviewed hundreds of general contractors in Florida before choosing Capri Contractors. The team at Capri Contractors was thorough, conscientious and always responsive to us. The confidence in them was rewarded with the timely delivery of very high quality projects.

I would unreservedly recommend Sunia Piermont and her team at Capri Contractors for all your construction needs.