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If you are ready to give your project the best solutions at each step, then you need to choose TriStar Development & Management.

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Tristar Development Group | Owner Representation

Owner Representation

Whether your development project is still in the planning stages or you have already broken ground, owners must find expert representation. Real estate development is a challenging path and one that is difficult to handle alone.  TriStar Development & Mgmt We provide answers for every step of the building process.  TriStar has what it takes to manage your construction project.

  • Documentation/Permitting
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Contract Mitigation
  • Work in Progress Inspections
  • Project Closeout

We offer experienced professionals who likely know what you need before you do. For the best in Central Florida representation options, you need the TriStar team to assist you.

Experienced Team

Construction becomes complicated when there are disputes regarding property lines, back taxes, and other liability. But when you have our team on your side, you can rest easy knowing you have experienced management services.

Residential Construction

Apartment Construction